Your one stop shop to finally curate a capsule wardrobe.

85wild was created to celebrate the utterly unique and creative in their own way.

We believe less is more and allow the individual to stand out amongst the crowd.

You should feel confident and comfortable in everything you wear. And proud of the way you present yourself to the world. Just like you, our creations will stand the test of time. All have a story that are waiting to be discovered. Our creations are sophisticated and simple to help elevate your personal style. We are here to elevate your personal style not change it.





Lindsay Wallace

I created this online boutique to serve as a space for women to find timeless and sophisticated styles once and for all. I'm a huge fan of finding staple pieces for my capsule wardrobe and that is exactly what I hope to bring to you in this space. 

My interest in clothing came from an early understanding of self expression and artistry. Clothing is not about covering up or hiding but using it show the world your inner self. Having studied art in college I learned that artistry comes in many forms and all should be celebrated. I took these passions of mine and channeled them into buying for several global fashion companies. After years of working for others I decided to strike out on my own. It was time to use what I had learned and share with others. 


lived-in luxury

timeless, modern, and sophisticated clothing + accessories to inspire confidence in the everyday woman.